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Cynthia Hopkins - I Know


Tuesday Evening Melody: “I Know” by Cynthia Hopkins

by Nancy Rosenbaum, producer

Cynthia Hopkins in The Truth: A Tragedy(photo: Paula Court)

Cynthia Hopkins is a Brooklyn-based musician and performer whose voice taps a quiet, deep well of emotion. If you’re looking for catharsis, find a private chamber and and try belting out one of her songs when no one else can hear you.

“I Know” comes from her most recent play, The Truth: A Tragedy, an exploration of her relationship with her ailing father:

“It’s an homage to him. It’s a portrait of him. And it’s also an attempt to make peace with him and to portray the evolution of my perspective on him from anger and frustration to celebration.”

In this song, Hopkins suggests that we don’t really know our parents in their fullness. Like the bigger cosmos, these people who reared us are beautiful mysteries. No longer saddled by anger or disappointment, Hopkins makes peace with her father’s indirect expressions of love. There are other lovely songs to explore from her play, including “”Love,” “Resist the Tide,” and “The Answer” — all of which can be downloaded for free from Gloria Deluxe, the website of Hopkins’ band.

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